We Are the AirBnB but for Podcast and Live Streaming Studios

Mortflix Live Streaming Studios

Our State-of-the-Art Live Streaming and Poscasting Studios has everything you need both locally in our Studio in Orlando Florida or remotly virtually from any location around the World.


Each Mic and Headset is monitored from the Control Room

Recording or Live Stream can be fully produced from the desk as well.

Studio has 6 HD Cameras than can be controlled from the control room or the desk via NDI.

Here is our Control Room separate from the streaming Studio

About the Studio

The Studio is used for Mortflix Streaming Services Live Streaming Programing and also for our Content Partners use. . The Studio can also be rented for Live Streaming and Podcasts on a Radio/TV Studio style located in Central Florida. We can also Produce your shows remotely with up to 4 guests coming to the studio remotly and 4 guests live inside the studio. Not locally in Central Florida no problem we can produce any type or shows remotly as well. A Show Producer will always be on your show before during and after the show live or virtually.

What We Do

We are a an State-of-The-Art live Streaming and Podcast Studio located in Orlando, Florida. We have space, equipment, and software needed for you to record or Live Stream your show or podcast! We walk you through the process so no experience is necessary. Book Studio Time Today!

  • Fully Furnished Audio Recording Equipment & Wifi Access

    Our studios are equipped with Audio-Technica microphones and headphones. Our mixer of choice is the MackiePro FX12 mixer. We use bar height tables for recording to reduce the amount of extra noise typical conference tables and chairs create.

  • Convenient Central Location & Hours

    The studio is located in the heart of South Orlando in the Hunters Creek neigberhood. Recordings can be scheduled 24/7, except for sundays.

  • Stream to your Favorite Media

    With our Studio the sky is the limit where you can send or record your content. To all your Social Media or just recorded MP4

  • Audio & Video Podcast Recording

    Do you want to start a podcast? Do you need a professional studio to bring guests? Our studio is the place for you. The studio is self-service however we offer services to help start your podcast or take it to the next level. We’re here to help!

  • Rehearsal & Practice Space

    Our studios are versatile enough to be used for podcast recording, photography, videography, musical rehearsals, and improv practices.

  • Complimentary Beverages and Snacks

    For your recording pleasure complimentary snacks, water, soda are provided.


Plans For Every Need

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